Duration: 3 Days

Course Fee: $550
Pre-Register: $525 (14 Day Advanced Payment)

Course Description:

The Level I Precision Rifle Course is designed to enable the precision shooter with a basic understanding of factors involved in precision shooting. What students will gain from this class are sound fundamentals. Targets engaged will be from 50 �800 yards. Whether you are an experienced or new shooter, the Level I Precision Rifle course is designed to enable you to perfect your ability to hit long range targets.

Course Highlights

- Introduction to Basic Ballistics
- Known / Unknown Distance Shooting
- Shooting Positions
- Effects of Nature on Shooting
- Cold Bore Shots / Care and Cleaning
- Weapons Zero Techniques
- Un-Supported Shooting Techniques
- Wide Variety of Shooting Drills
- Fundamentals of Shooting
- Range Estimation Techniques
- Reading / Estimating Wind
- Techniques for Engaging Movers


Precision Scoped Rifle (1.0 MOA)
300 Rounds Match Grade Ammo
Rifle Sling
Shooting Platforms (Bi-Pods or Packs)
Cleaning Supplies
Copper and Powder Solvent
Note Taking Material
Eye and Ear Protection
All-weather Clothing
Binoculars / Spotting Scope
Sniper/Weapons Data Book *
Elbow and Knee Pads
*Data Books that match the curriculum are available for purchase through Tiger Valley