Duration: 5 Days

Course Fee: $650
Pre-Register: $625 (14 Day Advanced Payment)

Course Description:

This five day precision rifle class is designed for those wanting an expanded lesson plan that covers a broader spectrum of the precision rifle. This course will offer the benefit of covering issues that can only be accomplished by an expanded time frame.

Course Highlights

- Zeroing and Scope Theory
- Equipment Overview
- Cleaning
- Ballistics
- Sniper Responsibility
- Effects of Wind
- Come Ups
- Sound Shooting Positions
- Cold Bore Shots
- Out of Position Shooting
- Moving Targets
- Unsupported Shooting
- Wide Variety of Shooting Drills


Precision Scoped Rifle (1.0 MOA)
450 Rounds Ammunition
Rifle Sling
Shooting Mat
Cleaning Supplies
Note Taking Material
Eye and Ear Protection
All-weather Clothing
Binoculars / Spotting Scope
Sniper/Weapons Data Book*
Elbow and Knee Pads
*Data Books that match the curriculum are available for purchase through Tiger Valley