Duration: 1 Day

Match Fee: $150

Match Description:

The Bug Out Drill covers 15 miles and 30 challenges across rough, wooded terrain. Arrive with a long gun, pistol, pack, and gear to survive a real-life bug out event. Water will be available at multiple points, but no other equipment guidelines will be provided. Participants compete on an individual basis and the event must be covered on foot, carrying all gear, with no bikes, 4-wheelers, donkeys, or hot air balloons allowed.

In last year's event, participants had to climb walls, cut wood, take apart bolts, bandage Tactical Ted, shoot, and purify water just to name a few of the challenges. If you want a true test of you and your equipment with a chance to win great prizes, come and join the competition.

A great meal will be provided after the event.

Participants who pre-register two weeks prior to the event will receive a Bug Out Drill t-shirt.