Location:  Tiger Valley Shooting Facility South (L.T. Dillon) at Prairie Hill, Texas (15 miles east of Waco on HWY 84).

Rules:  TigerValley low-light rules

Ammunition:  Competitors must furnish their own ammunition. No tracers, steel core or armor piercing ammunition will be allowed. Ammunition not meeting this requirement will be removed from the firing line. A recommended minimum 150 rounds of pistol should be sufficient to complete all courses of fire. Additional ammunition may be required for last-minute stage additions or re-shoots.

Targets:  IDPA and IPSC paper, reactive and static steel plates and pepper-poppers. Distances to targets, range from 0 to 40 yards.

Course of Fire:  4 pistol stages. Competitors should be prepared to utilize basic tactical engagement principles; shooting on the move, shooting from cover, tactical reloads, etc.

Lights/Batteries:  Competitors will be required to supply their own lights and batteries to sustain illumination for the entire match.

Scoring:  Combination of shot placement (points) and time.

General:  Competitors will be required to pull and tape/set targets and score. There will be no lunch break.

Safety:  All Safety rules at T.I.G.E.R. VALLEY Shooting Facility will be obeyed at all times. Slides or actions should remain open unless engaged in a course of fire or under the direction of a range officer or a competitor is in a designated safe area. Competitors will not be allowed on the firing line until directed by a range officer. Competitors will not be allowed to load ammunition into a weapon unless directed by a range officer **THIS IS A COLD RANGE**. Handling weapons behind the firing line is prohibited.

Weather/Terrain Conditions:  Please bring appropriate clothing for seasonal conditions. You may also want to bring bug repellent, water, soda, snacks, etc.